Caring for Trauma Patients
Admitting the Patient
Discharging the Patient
Documenting the Patient Visit
Obtaining a Consult
Caring for the Patient
Staffing the Patient
Team Assignment
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Welcome to the EDTC


Welcome to the Emergency Department Trauma Center (EDTC) at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW). The purpose of this course is to orient you to how CHW provides care to patients, and how you can progress in your understanding of pediatric emergencies. 

Click here to view a personal welcome from Marlene Melzer, Medical Director.

At any time, click any of the buttons to the left to navigate to a specific area of the course. Otherwise, use the Back and Next button in the upper, right-hand corner to navigate sequentially through the course.

Throughout the course, you will learn about the various forms used in the EDTC. At any time, click the name of the form within the course to view a copy of the respective form.

EDTC Entrance